We welcome professional trainers to utilize Fallbrook Riders Field

Please read below and follow instructions.

    1. You must be a Certified Trainer and on file with our insurance company prior to using our field.
    2. An insurance endorsement from your current insurance company naming Fallbrook Riders, Inc. as Additionally Insured is required prior to any lessons or training on our field.  This is the only name that can be on the endorsement. This is to be kept up to date and renewed each year or when your insurance comes due. Please email to fallbrookriders92028@gmail.com and wait for confirmation. 
    3. You must be a Member in good standing and understand your additional duties as a trainer using our facility.
    4. You must not allow any non member to enter Fallbrook Riders Field without first obtaining a full liability release form signed and dated and collecting the required $20 per day fee. This is per person/horse. Place the liability release along with payment in the box inside the block house. Forms are provided for your convenience.
    5. No dogs allowed at any time off leash. This is an insurance requirement and must be respected.
    6. Familiarize yourself with our Policy and Procedures and Rules prior to utilizing our field.
    7. In case of an incident/accident you are required to fill out an Incident Report (located inside the block house) and notify any board member within 24 hours. 
    8. We are an all volunteer organization and do not have an employee or anyone else who cleans up manure or trash left by field users. Please be diligent with your students and guests and encourage them to leave the field even better than they found it. Manure buckets and forks are provided for you. All manure is to be placed in the dumpster.
    9. We are happy to make our fabulous field available to you and your students and hope you will enjoy it for years to come. Your participation in all of the above will continue to make this possible.



If you would like to because a member trainer, email FRF for the complete trainer package.


Thank you,

Fallbrook Riders, Inc.







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